Felicity Hanbury (Hanbury Avenue)


Felicity Peake (Hanbury) Air Commander and Director of W.A.A.P (1913-2002)

During a bombing raid on August 30th 1940, Felicity Hanbury, Assistant Section Officer in charge of WAAFS, ran into a shelter and waited for the bombing to subside. Before the all clear she came out and went to another shelter to see how the WAAFS were only to find it been hit. One dead and many injured. The women's mess had also been hit. Felicity toured the village to find accomodation for her women. Soon after she was awarded the first Military MBE for 'setting a magnificent example of courage and devotion to duty during heavy bombing'.

It's said that Susannah York's character in the film 'Battle of Britain' is based on Felicity Hanbury.